Obon is a yearly Buddhist occasion for remembering one's progenitors. It is trusted that every year amid obon, the progenitors' spirits come back to this world with the end goal to visit their relatives. 

Generally, lights are hung before houses to control the progenitors' spirits, obon moves (bon odori) are performed, graves are visited and nourishment contributions are made at house sacrificial stones and sanctuaries. 


Toward the finish of Obon, coasting lamps are put into streams, lakes and oceans with the end goal to manage the spirits once again into their reality. The traditions pursued change firmly from area to locale. 

Obon is seen from the thirteenth to the fifteenth day of the seventh month of the year, which is July as indicated by the sun powered date-book. In any case, since the seventh month of the year generally matches with August instead of July as per the once in the past utilized lunar logbook, Obon is as yet seen in mid August in numerous areas of Japan, while it is seen in mid July in different locales. 

The Obon week in mid August is one of Japan's three noteworthy special seasons, joined by escalated residential and worldwide travel exercises and expanded convenience rates. As of late, travel activitiy in mid August has turned out to be fairly more spread out and less focused, yet it is as yet extensive on certain days.
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